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Hi, I'm Arjun Aghera, and I am a final year B.Tech student of Computer Science and doing my internship from Philips. My passion for technology and innovation has driven me to develop expertise in a wide range of technologies, including C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and various ORMs.

Throughout my academic journey, I have worked on several projects that have enabled me to apply my skills and knowledge to real-world challenges. These projects have helped me develop strong problem-solving skills, a results-driven approach, and an ability to work collaboratively in a team.

I am a fast learner, always up for a challenge, and dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations. I have a keen eye for detail, and I take pride in my ability to create elegant and efficient solutions.



A web app to collect and manage data with report generation.


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A complete solution to manage your society.

Society Office

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A chat app to connect to the students of our university.


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Not just a boring Developer

I am a hobbyist Photographer as well as Photoshop Artist.

Photoshop Artwork

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